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Where Scholar Athletes Are Built

T.E.A.M. (Tutoring Enlightening and Mentoring)


(Tutoring Enlightening And Mentoring)

T.E.A.M. (Tutoring Enlightening and Mentoring) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that was established in 2007, designed to have young adults building positive relationships with the youth and encourage them to make positive decisions, with a focus of them staying off the streets and getting involved with positive activities. T.E.A.M. expended it's program in 2011 with the addition of it's youth basketball program (Motor City Grizzlies). 

One strategy cannot be implemented for each individual. understands that every need does not fit all and that different circumstances require different approaches. We believe that positive young adults have a better probability of reaching our youth better than anyone else. Positive young adults that can relate with similar backgrounds and experiences can help move our youth from the streets to a classroom or to a more productive environment. T.E.A.M. / Motor City Grizzlies Basketball Club will encourage, enlighten, tutor, mentor and provide recreational activities for our youth thus teaching them values and character.


(Tutoring Enlightening And Mentoring)

Breakdown / Outline


T.E.A.M. / Motor City Grizzlies Basketball Club believes in promoting education first and that knowledge is power. Youth involved in our program that are struggling with their studies will receive assistance.
Assistance with the following:
  • Reading
  • Math
  • English writing / grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • History
  • Science
  • Study skills
  • College preparation / note taking
  • Money management
  • Investments / finance
  • Resume building
  • Interview / impromptu
  • SAT / ACT preparation
  • Political Science



Enlightening / Empowerment, T.E.A.M. / Motor City Grizzlies Basketball Club is focused on expanding young minds with knowledge and the importance of education. We understand the significance of directing their thoughts into something constructive rather than destructive, while informing them that there is a world of opportunities awaiting them. T.E.A.M. will implement the tools to be a role model for there families and their community. 


T.E.A.M. / Motor City Grizzlies Basketball Club can play a critical role where parents are either unavailable or unable to provide responsible guidance for their children. We offer support, guidance, and assistance as the youth faces new challenges and go through difficult periods in their life. Our interest in mentoring is focusing on grooming our youth to be positive leaders in there community by preparing them today for the future of  tomorrow and also giving them the confidence to succeed through all of the problems and adversity that they may face in life.

Closing Statement

T.E.A.M. / Motor City Grizzlies Basketball Club is designed to give our YOUTH confidence, and help keep them off the streets. With our program we believe the chance is less likely that our youth will engage in violence, drugs, and crime. T.E.A.M. / Motor City Grizzlies Basketball Club will provide the youth with a positive environment, where children can be children.


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